Fear of Death and the Fear of Life

I spend so much time dwelling on how to avoid bad things, bad feelings, fears, the projected emotions in a hypothetical future that doesn’t exist…Literally living as if Jesus hasn’t already overcome all those things. … More Fear of Death and the Fear of Life

Living Out loud

Sharing is hard. I don’t consider myself to be all that hard to get to know. I feel that generally, I am an open-book type of person. But this past year it has become increasingly apparent that I don’t volunteer much information. I must be prompted. I must feel like someone asks with particular desire … More Living Out loud

On Building Capacity

About a 2 years ago, I began sensing an ever increasing feeling of overwhelm. It started small and inconsequential. But it continued to build. It would come in the middle of the day, enjoying a conversation, a social media post, teaching a voice lesson, really anywhere. And it felt like an assault. It was the … More On Building Capacity