Living Out loud

Sharing is hard. I don’t consider myself to be all that hard to get to know. I feel that generally, I am an open-book type of person. But this past year it has become increasingly apparent that I don’t volunteer much information. I must be prompted. I must feel like someone asks with particular desire … More Living Out loud

On Building Capacity

About a 2 years ago, I began sensing an ever increasing feeling of overwhelm. It started small and inconsequential. But it continued to build. It would come in the middle of the day, enjoying a conversation, a social media post, teaching a voice lesson, really anywhere. And it felt like an assault. It was the … More On Building Capacity

Let It Matter

I have been processing the events in our nation deeply for the past few days, unsure of exactly what to say, how to say it, and frankly bound by fear of saying the wrong thing and just adding to the noise. In the past, I haven’t commented on social media very much about these things. … More Let It Matter