The Poetry Cannons – Threshold

I’ve been going through old journals reading poetry and prose I used to regularly write in between chronicled streams of consciousness. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a regular blog due to my kids getting sick and then getting me sick. I have a post almost finished but needs more work, so I decided to create a new segment in this blog sharing new and old poetry…Some might be song lyrics, some might be creative prose and free writing.

This first entry felt appropriate for how I’ve felt as of late in my own process of reconnecting with my heart. It’s short, and in the spirit of the abstract, may not make total sense to all. But it doesn’t have to.

Here you go. Unedited. Unfiltered. Enjoy…


February 3, 2010

Been forever since we’ve had a first
We’re so well versed
In familiar breaking

Won’t resign myself in this curse
It’s not a first-
Time rude awakening

Cause it’s this fire overhead
Leading me to water and bread

I’ll make circles till I’m broken
Wish I’d listened when you’d spoken

Hot sand falls through my fingers
Feels like millions of dried up souls
Will you speak to these dry bones?
Or take a swing at one of these stones?

Cause I’ll make circles till I’m broken
Wish I’d listened when you’d spoken

Can’t just sit and wait for a spring
To jump out in my desert and sing

And I won’t just wait for winter to pass
before living in life and my feet in green grass

Someone will always whisper-
It’s over. You’re old.
Just as you’re blindly standing on your threshold…

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